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Chemalux 600 Coating System

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Chemalux 600 Coating System



The Chemalux 600 Spin Coating System is a multistation coating system that cleans and coats eight lenses simultaneously. Optical labs can benefit by making functional coatings with a low capital investment. The 600 system is designed to make scratch resistant coatings, antireflection coatings, flash mirror coatings , and EZ-clean coatings. It is controlled by a microcomputer, utilizing a color touch panel screen. The patented sophisticated Chemalux spin coating technology is built right into the system, making it simple to use and easy to maintain. The system is capable of adopting a fully automatic lens loading / unloading mechanism to become an in-line fully automatic coating system.

Key Features

  • Doing multifunctional coatings (AR, SR, Mirror, EZ-Clean) in the same machine 
  • Coatings done lens by lens - customized coating for each lens 
  • Easy removal of defect pre-cured coating for 100% yield - no waste of the surfaced lenses 
  • Full Integration of lens cleaning, SR coating, UV curing, AR coating into the same machine 
  • Capability of forming in-line lens production with surfacing equipment 
  • Manufacturing friendly - no clean room required

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