Graphene CVD

Graphene Specialty CVD System

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Graphene Specialty CVD System

Well controlled gas volume, pressure, temperature, time More



 This manually-controlled, adaptable, full-sized floor model system is designed for intensive research. It is a sophisticated and cost-effective CVD system that can be optimized for graphene growth.

  • Compact: Convenietly small footprint
  • Designed for safety: Standard safety box enclosure
  • Ability: Optimized for graphene
  • Cost benefit: Budget friendly with high quality results
  • Unique quality: Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating and fast cooling


Gas Volume Control:

      Three (3) Mass Flow Control Meters:  Hydrogen (H2) - up to100 sccm,  Methan (Ch4) - up to 200 sccm, Argon (Ar) - up to 1,000 sccm

Temperature Control: 1oC Accuracy 


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