Tube Furnace -1600℃ Vacuum

1600℃ Single Zone Tube Furnace

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1600℃ Single Zone Tube Furnace



1. Operational easily
(1) Gas circuit connection mode adopted fast connecting flange structure;
(2) Simplifying the process of pick-and-place materials, only a clamp can complete gas circuit connection and easy-to-use;
(3) Cancel the complex flange installation process and reduce the possibility of damage to the furnace tube for installation.
2. Structure practicability
(1) Furnace materials is made from polycrystalline mullite fiber vacuum adsorption, it can energy-saving 50% and have advantage of the uniformity of the temperature field. Heating elements use surface temperature 1700℃ high quality MoSi2;
(2) Seal flange use dual ring sealing technology, effectively improve the air tightness at the ends of the furnace tube. Gas circuit with the function of trace gas adjustable;
(3) On both ends of gas circuit system with support unit which can effectively prevent tube damage caused gas circuit system stress;
(4) Advanced air insulation technology combined with thermal technology, when the furnace surface temperature rise to 50℃, exhaust fan will start automatically, rapidly cooling the furnace surface.
3. Use security
(1) Overtemperature protection function can automatically power off and alarm when the temperature exceeds allowed value;
(2) Leakage protection function can automatically power off when the furnace leakage of electricity. The above functions ensure the operation safety.  
4. Intelligent control
(1) Electric furnace temperature control system uses artificial intelligent adjustment technology, with PID, fuzzy control, self-tuning and can program various heating-cooling processes;
(2) Domestic program temperature control system with 50 steps programmable, abroad program temperature control system with 40 steps programmable;
(3) Furnace with 485 conversion interface and optional professional software to achieve the connection with computer. Complete with single or as many as 200 sets of furnace remote control, real time tracking, and historical records, output the report.
5. Scalability
(1) Vacuum control system. It can realize the sample under the environment of low, medium and high vacuum test through a variety of vacuum control system;
(2) Gas flow control system. Meet the requirements of experiments under different reaction atmosphere or protective atmosphere through float or mass flow controller to adjust air inflow. 
6. Design uniqueness
The device is patent product with a number of independent intellectual property patents. Elegant appearance, reasonable structure, easy-to-use.
Optical: color touch screen; show display including measuring panel, light figure, real-time trend, history curve, data reporter and alarm. All Chinese touch operation, fully functional and easy-to-use.
Product usage: The series of electric furnace is a batch type furnace for corporate laboratories, universities and colleges and research institutes use. It provides the experimental environment with the vacuum, controlled atmosphere and high temperature, and applied to semiconductor, nanotechnology, carbon fiber and other advanced materials field. 
Product Model Temperature Zone Maximum Temperature Heating Zone Length
Constant Temperature 
Zone Length
Corundum Tube Size(mm)  Rated Power Dimensions(mm) Weight Rated Voltage
SK-G05163 Single 1600℃ 260mm 120mm Φ50/40x1000 4Kw 520x600x803 145Kg 220V
SK-G06163 Φ60/50x1000
SK-G08163 Φ80/70x1000
SK-G10163 Φ100/90x1000
Product Model Temperature Controller Temperature Accuracy No-load Heating Up Time Tube Material Furnace Tube Maximum Working Temperature  Heating Elements Furnace Heating Speed with Tube Standard Configuration
SK-G05163 Domestic program temperature control system with 50 steps programmable, abroad program temperature control system with 40 steps programmable(optional) ±1℃ <40min Corundum <1600℃ MoSi2 5below 500℃≤5℃/min;
a set of vacuum sealing assembly(containing vacuum pressure gauge), a corundum tube, two corundum walls, a corundum boat, a hook, a pair of high temperature gloves

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