July 29,2015


  • Release Date:10-06-2015
  • Open Date:10-06-2015
  • Due Date:09-03-2016
  • Close Date:09-30-2016
Agency Name: DOE ARPR-E
This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is intended to provide rapid support to revolutionary applied energy research (Studies) that may lead to new ARPA-E programs to develop transformational and disruptive energy technologies. Studies are defined as single-phase efforts of durations less than 12 months and cost less than $500,000. Awards will be issued through Grants.
The broad objective of this FOA is to identify disruptive concepts in energy-related technologies that challenge the status quo and represent a leap beyond today’s technology. An innovative concept alone is not enough; the idea must also have the potential to be impactful—meaning that, if successful, it represents a fundamentally new paradigm in energy technology with the potential to make a significant impact on ARPA-E’s Mission Areas (see Section I.A). Concepts of particular interest have the potential to achieve percentage-level reductions in U.S. energy consumption, energy-related imports, or greenhouse gas emissions.
Link to Additional Information: https://arpa-e-foa.energy.gov/FileContent.aspx?FileID=42352f24-47c6-48c2-a6f2-529c9ce57270
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