Large Electrothermal Forced Air Drying Oven

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Large Electrothermal Forced Air Drying Oven



This series of drying oven of the highest working temperature is 300℃ with forced circulation air to ensure that the best temperature uniformity. This series of products can be used for drying, sterilization or thermal aging, and other operations. Bilayer tempered glass door with observation window.
Product Name Product Model
Dimensions of the Workingroom(mm)
Rated Power Rated Voltage Remarks
Large Electrothermal Forced Air Drying Oven DH-105BS 1260X1460X1670 1000X1000X1200 12KW 380V
Range of temperature control: room temperature +10-300℃
Temperature fluctuation: ≤±1℃
Temperature uniformity: ≤±2.5%
★Optional: intelligent progam temperature control instrument
DH-106BS 1460X1460X1970 1200X1000X1500 17KW
DH-107BS 2260X2460X2130 2000X2000X1800 32KW
DH-108BS 2760X2660X2330 2500X2200X2000 48KW
DH-109BS 3260X2960X2330 3000X2500X2000 60KW
DH-110BS 4260X3460X2330

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