September 25,2015

2015 Updated List of Publications

TITLE Journal Vol Page Authors

Effect of Fe-Doping on the Structural, microstructural, Optical, and ferroeletric Properties of Pb1 / 2Sr1 / 2Ti1- x FexO 3 oxide Prepared by spin Coating Technique

Materials Letters 138 179 FM Bridges , Bridges DSL, AJ Chiquito , ...

Study of Optical and Electrical Properties of Organic Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications

Materials Science twenty one   J Pospisil, V Schmiedova, O Zmeskal, J Cerny

Organic Memristive Device Based on Polyaniline Film Prepared by Spin Coating

BioNanoScience 5 181

DA Lapkin, AN Korovin, VA Demin, AV Emelyanov, SN Chvalun

Electrical and Optical Properties of LiNbO3 / CaCu3Ti4O12 Heterostructures on Si

MRS Proceedings


Javad R. Gatabi, Kevin A. Lyon, Shafiqur Rahman, Hanu Arava, Juan S Rojas-Ramirez, RK Pandey and Ravi Droopad

Formation of Carbon nanotube Forest over spin -coated reduced Fe2O3 Thin-Film by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures

twenty three 392 R Siddheswaran, D Manikandan , RE Avila ...

Functional materials integrated on III-V semiconductors

Microelectronic Engineering 147 117

Javad GatabiKevin Lyon ,  Shafiqur RahmanManuel CaroJuan Rojas-Ramirez , Joelson Cott-GarciaRavi DroopadByounghak Lee

Flexible / PET / BaTiO3 / Layer-Layer Composite Film with enhanced dielectric Properties Fabricated by Highly loaded / BaTiO3 / Coating  with acrylic Resin as Binder

Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Volume 132 Issue 36

Yan Zhou, Li Wang, Yuhong Ma, Dong Chen, Changwen Zhaoand, Wantai Yang

A straightforward approach for gated STED-FCS to investigate lipid membrane dynamics

Methods Available online 27 June 2015  

Mathias P. ClausenErdinc SezginJorge Bernardino de la SernaDominic WaitheB. Christoffer LagerholmChristian Eggeling

Spin -Coated polyelectrolyte Coacervate Films

American Chemical Society     Kristopher D. Kelly  and  Joseph B. Schlenoff

Effects of boron incorporation on the structural, optical and electrical properties of sol-gel-derived ZrO 2 gate dielectrics

J ournal of Alloys and Compounds Volume 649 , Pages 1273-1279

DQ XiaoG. HeP. JinJ. GaoJW ZhangXF ChenCY ZhengM. Zhang , ZQ Sun

Influence of anionic and cationic polyelectrolytes on the conductivity and morphology of poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly (styrenesulfonate) films

This Solid Films Volume 590 170-176

Dimitar Valtakari,  Roger Bollström,  Martti Toivakka,  Jarkko J. Saarinen

Influence of Mn dopants on the structure and multiferroic properties of a Bi 0.90 Ho 0.10 FeO 3 thin film

RSC Advances Issue 54   Wei Ye Tan Guoqiang Xia Yan Huijun Ren  and    Ao Xia

Chiral discrimination by a cellulose polymer: differential crystallization inhibition of enantiomers in amorphous dispersions

CrystEngComm Issue 27   Takafumi Sato  and    Lynne S. Taylor

Homeotropic orientation behavior of nematic liquid crystals induced by copper ions

Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces Volume 130 287-291

Guang LiBin GaoMeng YangLong-Cong ChenXing-Liang Xiong

Transverse piezoelectric properties of {100} -Oriented PLZT [x / 65/35] thin films

Materials Chemistry and Physics Volume 151 308-311

Laxmi Priya S.V. Kumar Fumiya The rokawaIsaku Kanno

Crystallization-dominated and microphase separation / crystallization-coexisted structure of all-conjugated phenylene-thiophene diblock copolymers

Polymer Physics    

Xinhong Yu, Hua Yang, Shupeng Wu, Lei Wang, Yanhou Geng, Yanchun Han

The efficient hemostatic effect of Antarctic krill chitosan is related to its hydration property

Carbohydrate Polymers Volume 132 295-303

Shuai WuZhuoyao HuangJianhui YueLiu DiTing WangPierre Ezanno Changshun RuanZhao Xiaoli William W. LuHaobo Pan

Preparation and properties of a flexible night vision imaging system filter for avionic LED displays

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Volume 26 Issue 4

Kaiyuan Yang, Lixi WangZhang Qitu 

Investigating the interaction pattern and structural elements of a drug-polymer complex at the molecular level

Molecular Pharmaceutics     Haichen Nie Huaping Mo Mingtao Zhang Yang Song Ke Fang Lynne S. Taylor Tonglei Li , and  Stephen R. Byrn

Fabrication and structural characterization of bismuth niobate thin films grown by chemical solution deposition

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Volume 26

Issue 2


LF Goncalves JA Cortés  MGA Ranieri , FB DestroMA Ramirez  AZ Simões 

Experimental study and kinetic analysis of oxidant-free thermal-assisted UV digestion utilizing supported nano-TiO 2 photocatalyst for detection of total phosphorous

Chinese Journal of Chemcial Engineering Volume 23 93-99

Tian Don  ,  Tong Jianhua  ,  Chao Bian   ,  Jizhou SunShanhong Xia


Phase Separation Kinetics in Amorphous Solid Dispersions Upon Exposure to Water

Molecular Pharmaceutics     Hitesh S. Purohit  and  Lynne S. Taylor *

Origins of periodic bands in polymer spherulites

European Polymer Journal Volume 71 27-60

Eamor M. Woo Graecia Lugito 

Enhancement of ferromagnetic and ferroelectric properties in calcium doped BiFeO 3 by chemical synthesis

Ceramics International Volume 41 9265-9275

LV CostaLS RochaJA Cortés MA RamirezE. LongoAZ Simões

Oligomeric interface modifiers in hybrid polymer solar cell prototypes investigated by fluorescence voltage spectroscopy

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Issue 15 10640-10647 B. Reeja-Jayan Katherine A. Koen Robert J. OnoDavid A. Vanden Bout ,  ,  Christopher W. Bielawski  and   Arumugam Manthiram

Efficient Ag 8 GeS 6 counter electrode prepared from nanocrystal ink for dye-sensitized solar cells

Journal of Materials Chemistry A     He Qingquan Tianyue Qian ,  Jiantao Zai Qiquan Qiao ,   Huang Shoushuang Yiran Li  and    Min Wang

Surfactant-enhanced cellulose nanocrystal Pickering emulsions

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Volume 439 139-147

Hu Zhen  ,  Sarah Ballinger  ,  Robert Pelton  ,  Emily D. Cranston

The Effect of Hydrophobin Protein on Conductive Properties of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors: First Study on Sensing Mechanism

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Volume 15   Yotprayoonsak, Peerapong; Szilvay, Géza R Laaksonen, Päivi ;. Linder, Markus B .Ahlskog, Markus

Atomic force microscopy characterization of palmitoylceramide and cholesterol effects on phospholipid bilayers: a topographic and nanomechanical study

ACS Publication     Aritz B. García-Arribas Jon V. Busto Alicia Alonso , and  Félix M. Goñi

Crystallization of acetaminophen on chitosan films 

ScienceDirect Volume 126 1-9

Hsinyun HsuOluwamayowa O. AdigunLynne S. TaylorSohail MuradMichael T. Harris

Shiga toxin induces membrane reorganization and formation of long range lipid order

Royal Society of Chemistry     Vita Solovyeva  Ludger Johannes  and  Adam Cohen Simonsen 

Disposable MMP-9 sensor based on the degradation of peptide cross-linked hydrogel films using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Biosensors and Bioelectronics Volume 68 660-667

Anna BielaMichael WatkinsonUte C. MeierDavid BakerGavin GiovannoniC. Remzi Becer  Steffi Krause

Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy on Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: Effect of Molecular Surface Structure on Macroscopic Wetting Properties

ACS Publications     Emil Gustafsson Jonas Hedberg Per A. Larsson Lars Wågberg , and  C. Magnus Johnson

Photoactivatable BODIPYs Designed To Monitor the Dynamics of Supramolecular Nanocarriers

Journal of the American Chemical Society April 1st.   Y ang Zhang Subramani Swaminathan Repairing Tang Jaume Garcia-Amorós Marcia Boulina , Burjor Captain James D. Baker , and  Françisco M. Raymo

 Application of scanning angle Raman spectroscopy for determining the location of buried polymer interfaces with tens of nanometer precision

Royal Society of Chemistry      Craig A. Damin Vy Nguyen HT Auguste S. Niyibizi   and  Emily A. Smith 

Fiber-Shaped Perovskite Solar Cell

Nanostructure Science and Technology December 2014 97-115

Huisheng Peng

Axially phenoxylated aluminum phthalocyanines and their application in organic photovoltaic cells

RSC Advances Issue 57   Raboui Hasan ,  Mohammad AL-Amar ,  I. Ahmed Abdelrahman  and  Timothy P. Bender 

 Sol-Gel-Derived Nanoscale Materials

Handbook of Nanoparticles June 2015 1-20

Mason J. Burger Benjamin J. Robinson Leonard F. Pease III 

Synthesis and properties of antifouling poly (CL-co-zDMAEMA) zwitterionic copolymer by one-step hybrid copolymerization

Material Science and Engineering Volume 51 189-195

Manqing YanHongjun YangZhang Guangzhao

Degradable Polymer with Protein Resistance in Marine Environment

ACS Publications May 2015 6471-6478 Jielin Ma Ma Chunfeng , and  Guangzhao Zhang

Low-cost photomask fabrication using laser ablation

Journal of Materials Processing Technology Volume 216 71-78

G. LegeayX. Castel R. BenzergaA.-G. MoussavouR. SauleauM. Guilloux-Viry

Nanoparticles for Imaging and Non-viral Gene Therapy

Biomedical Engineering Volume 9 3-18

Yoonjee Park

Dynamics of viscoelastic fluid droplet under very low interfacial tension in a serpentine T-junction microchannel

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Volume 18 1007-1021

Xiao-Bin LiFeng Chen Li Haruyuki Kinoshita

Masamichi OishiMarie Oshima

Antioxidants: Characterization, natural sources, extraction and analysis

Food Research International Volume 74 10-36

Mircea OroianIsabel Escriche