October 21,2015

NSF SBIR: Nanotechnology (N)

  • Release Date:10-01-2015
  • Open Date:10-01-2015
  • Due Date:12-08-2015
  • Close Date:12-08-2015

Nanotechnology (N) 
The Nanotechnology subtopic addresses the creation and manipulation of functional materials, devices, and systems with novel properties and functions that are achieved through the control of matter at a submicroscopic scale (from a fraction of nanometer to about 100 nanometers). Proposals should be driven by market needs and demand and should identify both the end users of the proposed technology and the pathway to commercialization.

N1. Nanomaterials
Proposals may include material innovations in scalable synthesis, purification, and processing techniques for hierarchical nanostructures, nanolayered structures, nanowires, nanotubes, quantum dots, nanoparticles, nanofibers, and other nanomaterials.

N2. Nanomanufacturing
Proposals that seek to develop innovative processes, including self-assembly, nanolithography, nano-patterning, nano-texturing, nano-3D printing etc., techniques, and equipment for the low-cost, large-area or continuous manufacturing of nano-to micro-scale structures and their assembly/integration into higher order systems are encouraged.

N3. Nano-enabled Commercial Solutions to Global Problems 
Proposals focusing on global problems through innovative nano-enabled process technologies are solicited. Examples of such problems include desalination of seawater to solve the emerging water crisis, solar energy collection, storage, and conversion for contributing to energy solutions for the future, and solid-state refrigeration for reducing global greenhouse emissions.